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One or Two More Sales

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Right now, I’m one or two sales away from getting myself back on my feet for at least enough time to make one or two more sales that will keep me on my feet to make one or two more sales to continue. It would take more effort and pose more challenging to turn back East and journey home rather than stay here and work at getting just one or two more sales. It does not sit easy within my heart to know that I was this close, only one or two sales, to maintaining my position in the dream leap I made over eight months ago. If I turn back now, can I live with knowing that I was one or two more sales away from being ok? One or two sales away from being ok living in the golden state I’d always dreamed of living.

The effort to give up is far greater than the effort to succeed.

One or two more sales.


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