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Oooooo… That’s Good Stuff!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Have you ever heard or read something that resonated with you?

It just hit you! Smacked you in the face! Something that you thought, ah-ha! This is it! This is the change I need!

But you don’t actually allow the change to take hold of your life. Meaning you made the initial movement in your mind to live changed, but you continued living the same without that change. The real good stuff is when you hear or read something that moves you to change both mentally and physically in that direction.

What starts in our minds manifests in our lives. We need only give it permission and then follow it’s lead.

Following is the hard part because it takes work. New action. New movement. We’re not very good with new. In a world of constant change and evolution on every scale, even our very bodies physically changing EVERYDAY… we still struggle with change. You’d think change would be something our minds have easily come to accept. But it’s not.

And again, real change is two-fold; it begins in my mind and then moves to my life. Moving good change into our lives is tricky because we get comfortable living in a state of less. Thinking less and living less. We shake hands in agreement with Poverty. “I’ll do just enough for you to keep me off of the street but not so much that we never meet again.

To move in the direction of more, we have to see ourselves as more. We have to believe we are able to achieve more. We have to believe we personally deserve more.

Stop being a martyr. You’re helping no one with your sad story that holds zero resolution and only pain. I had a conversation with a pastor once that told me he didn’t finish reading the book, “Think and Grow Rich”, because he didn’t get into ministry to grow rich. That blew my mind on many levels which would require far more writing than this blog allows (perhaps another book though!) But I will say this; the more money I make, the more people I can help. The less stressed I am because my bills are paid and my family is taken care of, the more people I will be able to help. I’ve now become much more emotionally available because I’m not run down within myself about cars being repossessed or bank accounts being hit with overdraft fees. If you think growing rich is a sin… well that’s a whole other bag of beans that we don’t have time to get into here. 🙂

When something of value hits you in your heart, move on it. Slowly. Everything is a process. Nothing is immediate but the decision we make in order to begin the change-growth in our lives.

You deserve to live more! You deserve to breathe more! You deserve to see more! You deserve to love more!

Now, just believe that. And it’s easier than you think. Stop thinking so much. I love you but calm down! Breathe baby!


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