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Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

I think this would be the worst way to live a life. Waking up every day with dread. Waking up every day with hate. Miserable with the routine you’ve set before yourself. This is not to say that there will not be challenge within the walk toward things we do find passion in. This is just saying that the challenge will be met with enthusiasm rather than reluctance, bitterness, or hopelessness. When we’ve allowed ourselves to do what is not in our hearts to do for too long, we age. Why do you think you hear so many people in their twenties talking like they’re fifty and someone in their fifties talking like they’re in their twenties? The twenty-something stopped dreaming. Stopped believing in dreams. Got too big for that stuff. Realized that life is what it is. And what life is to the general population that accept that thought is hassle. Life is painful. It’s hard. Work is supposed to be work and NEVER fun. Only the rich live lives void of struggle and are able to do what they want to do. The moment we stop believing we’re responsible for the life we live then the life we live quickly becomes the life we would give away in an instant because we hate it.

Not to mention we do a pretty terrible job at something when our hearts aren’t into it. How can I put care into something that I don’t care about? I mentioned in the last blog about the book I’m reading on Albert Einstein. People all seem to think that he failed math in grade school, but that is false. He did, however, finish pretty low in his graduating class from the Zurich Polytechnic. He was still Albert Einstein and still not far from establishing the Theory of Relativity. So what happened?

For his final dissertation to graduate he presented his professor with a few ideas that he’d wanted to write on but they were shot down. Albert was forced to work on something that he held far less passion for. This resulted in someone who was a real “Einstein“, in fact the real Einstein, to finish pretty low in his class due to the grade he got on the work he did for the dissertation. Even someone like Albert Einstein cannot thrive in an environment of passionless work. And neither can you. Or me. And we’re no Einstein.

The work we do should be the work we love. I was talking with a student today and she said she hopes she can find a good job. I told her, “forget the job. Find work that you love.”

I’d say the same thing to you and to myself.


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