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Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash
Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

You’ve got to prepare yourself to lose close friends and family when you start doing something you’re feeling called to do. If people start saying that you’re crazy then most likely you’re on the right path. I’ve been told I’m chasing pipe dreams since I was 10, maybe younger. And I love it! That means I’ve been a dreamer for more than twenty years and I’ve had the courage to talk about my dreams for more than twenty years. More than talk, I’ve always chased them too: Backyard wrestling matches, singing in a heavy metal band, getting a biology degree, writing books, starting businesses, creating websites, moving to Los angeles…

Now this doesn’t mean not to listen to solid advice from people that care about you. Sometimes your plan really is stupid and you need to rework it. Only you know deep within yourself if it’s the right move to make. No matter how crazy or how scary, you’ll have peace about it. In that moment, there will be people still telling you that you can’t, but in that moment, the peace is the Universe’s way of saying, “Go ahead. Move forward.”

As you move forward, there will be assistance and support from some of the most unlikely places. This is also true about the flow of hatred. That’s gonna come from unlikely sources as well. Like the folks that always supported you before but must have drank crazy water and are now crazy, mean, cynical and disillusioned. Don’t let them suck you in.

Do you hate them for this? No. You recognize that they’re nuts, love them, and move on with your mission.

This is sort of tricky to teach because like I said, there is really sound advice that comes from a sincere place of love and when that happens you have to give it thought. The true signifier of moving forward or remaining is the presence or absence of that peace. And that peace does not cover you entirely, it’s like the size of a needle-point. Just enough to know it’s the right move but not so much that you feel invincible and like you can’t make a single mistake. It is going to require courage to act. That’s why you’re only given so much. The Universe does it’s part and you must do your’s.

A lot of times, if you know the people well enough that are giving you advice and you know their stories and histories, you can derive if what they’re saying to you is coming from a good place or a place of them wishing they had done more with their own lives.

It can be hard to decipher if people are coming from a place of love or hate. Your one true beacon of whether you should leap or remain is that needle-point of peace that isn’t found in anyone outside of yourself.

Be brave enough to listen to your own heart.

And to put it rather blunt…

Fuck the haters 🙂


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