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Quit Quittin'

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash
Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

There are two different kinds of quitting:

Quitting that requires courage and quitting because you’ve given up.

It takes a significant level of courage to walk out of a lifestyle you’re comfortable with to look for one that brings more fulfillment. At first it’s not a very encouraging affair when you start to think about change.

Those same friends you drank all those drinks with will likely think you’re lame if you decide to give up drinking. Not only do you have your own doubts and fears of the unknown to overcome, but you have everyone else’s. All that they fear from change is quickly thrown on you. This is why you have to be careful who you’re sharing your plans with. You cannot find your courage by trying to pull it from someone that’s only filled with fear. You cannot find your courage from anyone outside of yourself. But you definitely wont see it within yourself if the person “helping” you is terrified.

Quitting that requires courage happens when you look around at the life you’ve built and realize you should probably tear it down and restart. You need a new foundation. You need a new blueprint. You need new advice. You need new technique. You need to simply let the past die. The new plans can’t be compromised by what’s already been. New vision is required to build something new. A refocused vision from being initially inspired by what was to what will be.

Quitting your past, old habits, and an unfulfilled life is quitting that takes courage.

As you progress forward, you come against incredible adversity that makes you want to quit and go back to life you quit.

Quitting to progress forward into a fuller life is courageous, quitting because the journey got too difficult is cowardice.

Do not fully lose your heart in the face of disheartening experiences.

Find ways to remind yourself why this journey began in the first place. Hold onto the hope that that hope will be enough to pull you through all that you need to get through.

If I quit because it leads to truth and fulfillment, I win. If I quit because I’m scared, beaten, and bruised, I lose.

Quitting because I want to give up looks very different than quitting because I want to get up.


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