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Random Roadside Attraction

Photo by Azzedine Rouichi on Unsplash
Photo by Azzedine Rouichi on Unsplash

Travel is more than just getting away from the reality of your life for a week or two once a year. If you’re doing work that you’re passionate about, though, you’re not really concerned about escaping your reality. Even if you are doing work that you love, travel should still be a big part of your life. If you’re doing work that you hate, travel should DEFINITELY be a part of your life.

Our minds and our character are stretched when we move from routine to unknown. Seeing cities we’ve never seen, eating food we’ve never tasted, hearing stories from strangers… so many things come together to give us this amazing experience. And we always become better for it.

There’s a show on Netflix called, “An Idiot Abroad.” I don’t spend much time watching TV but when I have time, this is definitely a go-to for me. On one episode, Karl travels route 66 and comes across a roadside attraction. It’s a huge blue whale… thing. I don’t really know how to describe it but when I drove to California in 2016, I knew I wanted to drive route 66 and I wanted to see this blue whale thing. So I did.

There’s really not much to that story other than I saw something I wanted to experience, so I experienced it… Which I suppose is more than most of you can say about things in your own life… ouch… just called some of my readers out for not taking enough chances in their lives to have a fuller experience… I love you all… but you don’t have as much time as you might think you do to see random roadside attractions.

If you don’t think travel changes you, let me expand on something that I have mentioned before. Winter was always my most hated time of the year. I hated gray skies, I hated any temperature below 70 degrees, I hated the snow even if it fell on Christmas morning, I HATED WINTER!!! …And now, I love it.

Go travel and get rid of some hate.


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