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Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

I’ve heard that if you don’t have some regrets by the end of your life, then you really didn’t live. That’s reassuring, in a sense, because I definitely have some regrets. I know that everyone wants to live without regrets—meaning they want to live in the moment and live their best life—but, even if you’re living your life fully and making decisions based on the direction of the pull of your heart, you’ll still have some regrets (which, I guess is a good thing because you wouldn’t have made those moves if you weren’t listening to your heart).

After you’ve made certain moves and done certain things, you’ll see that there was a better route or a better decision you could have made. Even if you’re living as in the moment and as aligned with your heart as possible. Even if you’re taking the big chances and taking the risks of living your dreams, there are still going to come chapters in your life that you wish you could rewrite.

I often have to remind myself that moving to California was not some huge mistake, but an incredible adventure that brought my life incredible richness by way of the beautiful souls that I met. It’s the people that bring meaning to our lives. Relationships are what make anything matter. And though there are some things throughout that chapter I’d like a chance to rewrite… I probably wouldn’t.

My new book, “Karyeator”, will be out this Spring! The book is very different than anything I’ve written before, as it is a fictional story. I’ll be having a pre-release event at Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh this March where my other books will be available and I’ll do some readings from the upcoming release. For everyone that is there, you’ll get the first three chapters of the new book for FREE in a printed manuscript form signed by me. Stay tuned for more details!


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