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Sometimes You Just Have To Trust…

Photo by Carl Cerstrand on Unsplash
Photo by Carl Cerstrand on Unsplash

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with in life is trusting. I made a vow in second grade to never get my hopes up because I was always let down. I wrote about all of that in my book, “Choice and Triumph,” so I’m not going to jump back into the empty-promise details that took me to that point. But that’s what it was. Empty promises.

I carried that insecurity around with me straight into my adult life. Insecurity constantly present because of this incredibly deep-rooted distrust has caused me to shoot myself in the foot more than once.

Imagine someone saying they love you and all you can truly think is, “why?” What about me is there to love? What about me has caused you to believe in me? What about me isn’t causing you to feed me empty words but words of Life.

If you don’t let people’s love for you seep into the fabrics of your heart and soul and become a certainty within you that replaces the roots of distrust, your life will be one of incredible sadness. The same wall that was built to block all the possible pain also blocks all the opportunity for love and freedom.

Love conquers all. (Say that to yourself every day. Love conquers all.)

Excavating that foundation to build a new life of accepting love is not easy work. First, it is work. Second, fully loving and fully trusting is risky business for anyone, even people without trust issues. That’s a reality we must face. Simply because the wall has begun to come down, brick by brick, and the hard rough dirt has been ripped up and turned into fertile ground, there will always be the possibility of pain. But if those things remain in place, there is a promise not of the possibility of pain but the unending consistency of pain.

You and I were not built to be alone. We are not safe behind our walls standing on uneven ground riddled with nasty rotting roots of distrust and insecurity. We were in fact created to love and be loved. And remember, Love conquers all.

Here’s something else that’s beautiful; you don’t have to wait until the wall has been completely torn down and the ground is perfect and ready for the seeds of love and trust to be planted to allow someone or even some few in to see your mess.

While that hard, sweaty, dirty work is going on, there will be some folks that jump in with you and get their hands dirty too. They’ll begin to help you tear that stuff down and rip those roots out. Their love and the sweat that falls from them is one of the things that goes into the ground making it fertile. Allow them to start to love you. Allow them to help you. Allow yourself to take the responsibility of tearing this stuff up so that you can have the beautiful life you DESERVE. The beautiful life you are WORTHY of. The beautiful life that you can have because love conquers all.


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