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Stepping Out

Photo by Iz zy on Unsplash

The most uncomfortable thing we can do is step out of our comfort zones. Deeply philosophical, I know; I often tell my students, “if you’re doing bad, do better.” My point is as simple as those two lines. In order to stretch ourselves beyond the people we are today into the men and women we wish to be tomorrow, or even right now (especially right now), we have to do some things we may not like. We may have to do things that rip a security blanket right out of our hands and throw it into a burning fire.

As you’ve probably already guessed, those things change tremendously from person to person, which is one of the things that makes life so beautiful; the variance. Stepping out can be as simple as riding a bicycle or as complex as saying yes to a lover. It will be an absolute adventure when you finally say yes to thing you most fear. In my own life, I laughed at a mentor that suggested I start working in a college as a tutor. I mean, I failed geometry three times in high school. Was I really the person that could lead someone to succeed?

When I first accepted the position, I met it with obvious uncertainties and reluctance. Mostly I felt uncomfortable having someone who was struggling look at me for the answers. But I found that when they did, I had the answers. Not only did I have the answers, but I was able to convey the answers. When it comes to teaching, you can have the entire alphabet at the end of your name (Ph.D., Ed.D., M.Sc., etc.) but what really matters is, can you unveil the information that you so easily understand to someone that does not easily understand.

Astonished, I found that I was in possession of this gift. I found out something else. There’s something called an, “ah-ha” moment. This is when you see the sparks ignite in someone’s mind and imagination as they grasp a concept that had previously eluded them. Anyone passionate about their position in teaching will agree that this moment is the fuel that fires them and reignites their passion every single time it happens.

In stepping into something that I was completely unsure of, something I even found comical, as did those who knew me for a stretch of time; I found a new life inside of myself. A new desire that was going to push me to do some very incredible things. Some of those incredible things would be to lead students to destinations they never believed they would reach. It led me to countless speaking engagements that allowed me to share my story and heart with at least a few people that needed to hear it.

Finally, it led me to starting this website and business dedicated to seeing people through to their successes, because I believe we are capable of having many. I’ll leave you with this: Step out. It will undoubtedly be the best thing you can do not only for yourself, but the world at large!


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