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Strength And Time

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

The thought has been hitting me that when I was 13, back in 1998 on my birthday, I went to see Korn, and it was TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!!

It’s somewhat alarming to see how quick time really can pass us. I mean it really feels like yesterday that I was some punk thirteen-year-old going to see Korn with green and gold hair. I also had green and gold eyebrows 🙂

My mama was proud.

It’s hitting me that I went back to school to try something “new”, TEN YEARS AGO!!!!

I promise I’m not having a melt down, it’s just shocking how fast time goes. How quick our lives can pass us by and if we’re not paying attention, 20 or 30 years will be gone and we’ll be longingly looking back wishing we’d paid attention.

It’s not my intention to have you gaze over the past ten or twenty years and beat yourself up for missing out on what you could have done. I mean that’s a reality but there’s no going back. Obviously, without me really having to say it, you have now to start paying attention to time. And that’s a good thing.

The now-you will meet the twenty-years-from-now-you and he’ll have some questions… “Why didn’t you get out of bed earlier when your back didn’t feel like mine does now… Why didn’t you take that chance when you had less mouths to feed, when there weren’t people I now care about that would be shook by the shockwaves of my leap… my back hurts too bad to leap now anyway… You knew time was floating by, you even read that blog Craven wrote that said you’d meet me… Why didn’t you read more… now I don’t have nearly as much time to read the books I want to read… Why were you such a lazy ass accepting what was given to you and never DEMANDING anything from Life… I just wish you’d have used the strength and time you had… What a beautiful combination that was… strength and time…”

Right now, you’re the twenty-years-from-now-you to the now-you from twenty years ago. You probably have some similar questions for him… but you’re never gonna meet him again… you will meet the other guy though. That’s for sure.

And what if he said this to you… “You used what you had, and from what I can see, you used all of it… All of your strength and all of your time, you used all of it…”

…a final tear falls from his eye and a smile quietly appears on his face…


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