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Success Up Ahead

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Sorenson on Unsplash

In 2015, I started a tutoring business. I called it, The Tutors (clever huh). I had myself and two other people going to client’s houses to tutor math and science. This was also the first time I tried my hand at building a website. My initial plan was to pay someone to do it. Turned out, I couldn’t find anyone that would commit to working on the site so I bought a book on HTML coding and started to do it myself.

I made some small moves writing the code but then some friends introduced me to Wix and I decided to use that platform to build my website. The site came together nice and I was pretty excited with how it looked. Once I got into it, I realized how much I loved the creative process of putting a site together. It was much more exhilarating than registering an LLC. This was also the time that I started writing blogs.

The next step was finding a domain name that wasn’t taken and one that resonated with me and the business. was already taken so I settled on After some time, I didn’t like being a .net and wanted a .com but had to think of something new. I also didn’t want something like came close but as I was writing different names, I came up with Success Up Ahead.

The name clicked for me and made sense. Any time I’d be tutoring students, I’d always have to remind them that as long as they kept putting in the work then success wasn’t far off. It was just up ahead. That’s really how it is with anything. Even building a new site and not having a clue how to do it.

I liked running the tutoring business and had some really cool people working with me. We also had some great students. But when I made the move to Los Angeles, the business fell to the wayside. I did some work with TEDx coaches in San Diego and they created a new website for me to highlight my speaking and the books I’d written. That site became

My business email address has always been linked to the domain, so I kept it alive. When I briefly worked in selling life insurance (hashtag headache) I used the domain as my insurance business website. After that fizzled out, I altered the site to be that of a base for my life coaching business. That also didn’t last very long. I’ll change careers on you in half-of-a-heartbeat. I don’t mess around. began as a tutoring website, then life insurance, then life coaching. When I made the move to create a new website for my blog I was planning on transferring the domain,, to the new site. But most of you know me by now and if I wrote a blog titled, Success Up Ahead, you already know what the new domain will be.

Look out for it. Coming at you November 2018!

I wrote more on this here


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