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Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash
Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash

What situations and things happening give this statement life? Usually if we see a boxer sprawled out on the mat and then he gets up and wins the fight. “I didn’t see that coming! How did he come back from that?” How did he come back… It seems that we have to go somewhere in order to “come back.” Usually the place we have to go, well, sucks. We have our teeth knocked out, blood coming out of our eyes, hear ringing in our ears, and it pretty much looks and feels like we’re damn-near to the point of death…

There’s no coming back from that…”

That’s what so many people including ourselves quickly, naturally, begin to think. The most important person’s thinking in any situation that near-destroys us is our own. It is our belief about ourselves that can lift or leave us in these pits of despair. Our BELIEF is what lifts or leaves us. No human life is meant to stay in the pits of despair. If your belief is otherwise, you will stay where you hate.

I do not personally enjoy having my teeth kicked in and when Life finally lets up on doing the kicking I’m not gonna request it to continue doing so because this is where I’m comfortable. You’re saying you can get comfortable laying on your back losing molars? Yes. People get far more comfortable and used to shit storms than sunny days.

Every single person that I’ve met that has achieved things worth achieving were ALL at the point of wanting to throw in the towel. Things worth it are difficult. I should say that again. THINGS WORTH IT ARE DIFFICULT. The tears will come. Joy will also come. The darkness is truly heaviest just before light breaks through.

Sometimes what really gets us through is only the hope that the light will in fact break through.

The thing that will cause a comeback is hoping for one.


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