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The Defeat Wall

Photo by Pete Willis on Unsplash
Photo by Pete Willis on Unsplash

I went to a training last night where the speaker was talking about there being a wall between you and the thing you want to accomplish. The speaker is someone I’ve become friends with over the last year and he’s experienced a lot of success in his business. When he got on this subject, it was a direct hit for me.

Any time we set up something great in our minds to achieve and we start to go after it, we hit a wall. Most of the time we hit it so hard that it hits us back. People make fate-determining decisions in those moments. The decision is usually that this thing is too hard to accomplish and they walk away. Some have a bit more verve and hit the wall twice or even three times, and then they decide it’s too much. And finally there are people that have that same verve and vigor but also a humble spirit. Meaning, they’re willing to realize they just got the hell beat out of them a few times and they look around for someone to help.

The great thing about great leaders that have realized true success is that they’re mission has become one of getting other people through the wall, under the wall, over the wall, around the wall, beyond the wall.

I mean, lets really think about how this wall works. You see something great you want to accomplish with your life. You look at it, study it, see others that have gone before you that have accomplished it and you make up in your mind that you can do it too. This can be anything; becoming an author, becoming a speaker, going back to college, fill in the blank…

You get out-of-your-mind excited about it and see where you want to be. So you start running. And you’re running fast, hard, running with everything you’ve got. You’re not running toward a wall, but your goal.

All of a sudden, out of the clear blue, you run face-first, as hard as you can into a brick wall that seems to have just appeared. I’m not just being metaphorical here. Literally, imagine yourself slamming into a brick wall that you never saw coming.

It shakes you to your core. It might even knock you out.

Most people haven’t lost enough of their minds to keep running when they’ve been slammed. Logic says, “Don’t run into walls. That doesn’t feel good. Avoid that.” No one will fault you or Logic for saying, “I’m gonna stop running at walls.” But you have to remember that most people and Logic do not realize what’s on the other side of the wall.

Your natural mind is mostly tied with logic. To have a hold on your mind is to have a hold on logic which is going to tell you to stop running into walls. So, what’s my advice? Lose your mind. Keep running. But remember, I talked about having a humble spirit.

Having a humble spirit means saying, “Hey, successful other person… you’ve made it beyond this maddening wall I keep smashing against. I’m pretty close to throwing in the towel. Is there anything I should be doing differently?”

“Yeah, here’s a shovel. Try digging under it. You might mess up those nice shoes you have on though.”


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