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The Wins We’re Worthy Of

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash
Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

I always notice that the posts that get the most likes on almost any social media platform are the ones where there’s a win involved.

What do I mean by a win?

Just a positive life experience. A good move in a good direction.

People get pumped when they see something good happening in someone’s life. Well, most people, we’ll ignore the “haters” for the sake of the point I’m making here.

I had over 350 likes on a Facebook post that I wrote about starting work at Pitt in a division of the medical school. That may not seem like a very big number especially when you see videos and posts getting millions of likes. But this was the most-liked post I’ve ever put up (I think).

These type of posts get so much attention because all of us are starving for wins. Life is hard. Everyone knows that. When you post something that reverberates the negativity of life, it doesn’t get quite as big of a response as something positive. The reason being is that everyone knows loss a bit too well. We’re almost conditioned to think that wins are for someone else. So when we see someone else with a win, it’s almost this magical, fantasmical thing that could never happen for us.

I’m here to say that it can happen for us. We are capable of wins. More than capable, and you have to catch this, we’re worthy of wins.

That worthy part is where a lot of us get hung up. That’s where “Imposter Syndrome” comes in. We, for some odd reason, don’t believe good things can happen to us. Not only that, but we don’t think they should happen to us. We’re not good enough for the win.

That very thinking is what keeps us from getting the wins we’re worthy of.

We receive in life, what we believe for in life.

If my belief is that I suck and nothing good ever happens nor will ever happen to me, that whole mirror-characteristic of the Universe is going to reflect EXACTLY THAT.

I can tell you with absolute conviction that the thoughts and energy that you spend the most time ruminating, will be reflective in your tangible reality.

If your thoughts and energy suck, your reality will follow suit. Your reality, as brought to you by the Universe, is a reflection of your CONSISTENT thoughts and beliefs which create a specific energy about you that will draw in similar energy from the Universe.

Does this mean that I’m never negative? Hell no. I’m human too. I just recognize the importance in the fight for thinking better and what it can bring.

And the fact is there are storms that come through the terrain of life whether I’m focused on being worthless or worthy. The storm’s purpose is to strengthen my character, help me understand gratitude, and maybe even bring me back to Earth if I find myself floating a little too high from a sudden surge of wins.

Thinking negative or thinking positive have nothing to do with whether or not the storms will come. I promise they will come. Either way. They will come.

Thinking better about ourselves will bring about the wins that help us understand the storms.


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