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“Therefore I Tell You…”

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Once you’ve read several different books or articles on success or watched different speakers teach on the subject of attaining that illusive wonder called, success, you start to notice common threads in what is being said or written. One common thing that I’ve noticed is to be thankful now for things that haven’t even happened yet.

Part of that is having a vision for where you want to be. I’m pretty lost when I meet someone that says they have no vision or desire to see where they want to be in five or more years. If that happens to be you, all I can suggest is to spend more time with yourself and allow it to be ok that you want those things that arise within your conscious mind when you ask yourself that all-important question of, “What do you want? What do I want?”

I don’t think that people have a problem holding a vision of themselves, it’s more of a problem of not thinking they deserve to have those big things that float through the streams of their consciousness. We deserve good enough NOT good-to-great, right? Wrong.

Get past thinking you don’t deserve a great life because no one else in your family or immediate friend circle have ventured beyond mediocrity. Harsh? Maybe, but if those that you love can see you stepping out into what you deem to be great, maybe they will see that it’s possible for them to do it as well. But that’s really none of your cosmic concern. Your concern is thinking on those things that you want and allowing it to be ok that you want those things that you want.

Now, back to the main idea of this post.

I’ve heard it said in many ways by many different folks to be thankful now for the car or the business or the relationship that you see your future self in. Not to just be praying and asking for it to happen “someday” (ugh, what a terrible word to put things off forever because when you look at a calendar “someday” NEVER comes!) but to be thankful for it now as if you already have the Tesla in your driveway. You already smell that new car scent and you’re overwhelmed in gratitude.

It’s a mindset that we have to practice. I personally thank God everyday that my books have sold 10 million copies each. I imagine and I’m thankful for the lifestyle and giving-opportunity that something like that has brought me --see, I’m even talking now like it has come to pass… because it has ;)

You may not be a God person and that’s ok. That’s just who I thank for these things. You can thank the Universe, a Higher Self, whatever you want-- for me it’s God.

An interesting thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was up early and speaking out loud (another important piece to this formula) the things that I’m thankful for. Both the things that I have currently and the things I’m believing that I already have. On this particular morning, I asked God what He wants to tell me. I randomly opened my Bible and came across a verse that opened with, “Therefore I TELL you…”

Interesting, I just asked God what He wants to TELL me and I opened to a verse that said, “Therefore I TELL you…”

It goes on to say, “… all the things you have prayed and asked for–believe that you have received them, and you will have them…”

So I was just laying out the list of things that I’m already thankful for that haven’t happened yet, I ask God to tell me something, and I land on this verse.

Maybe you’re thinking I’m looking too far into this. Maybe you’re right. But one other thing happened. When I looked to see where in the Bible I had landed, it was Mark chapter 11.

Be thankful for the things that you’re praying for as if you’ve already received them, because you have.


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