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Things I Learned Hanging Out With A Millionaire Yesterday

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Most of us know how diamonds are made. And the analogy is often used when people are walking through something difficult. But when you are around people that are very much worth spending your time around, you see a new way that an old tool can be used.

The fact that diamonds are made and created through a primary necessity of incredible pressure is relatable to the crazy pressure that life will sometimes (always) put you under. The pressure through things just not working out to the point that you want to crack.

Diamonds don’t crack under that kind of pressure. They become diamonds.

What a great way of channeling your daily pressure into a thought of perseverance and hope rather than the thought of giving up on something you’re passionate about and something that you know will eventually work even if it’s not working right now. But, in a small group setting, when I was sitting next to someone that a lot of people greatly admire, myself very much included, he made a different point with this same analogy. His point was this:

When you’re around winners and people that are doing something, you feel the pressure to do something.


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