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Photo by James Pond on Unsplash
Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Why do we always side with the underdog? Because, initially, we can relate to someone we don’t believe in. That’s a mirror image of how most of us see ourselves.

But when the underdog wins, our connection is often lost because that’s movie magic. That’s not reality. The reality of the situation is that I’m not happy, I’m not alive, I’m only doing what I have to do, I really can’t wait for this life to be over because it’s been nothing but hard times! THERE IS NO MOVIE MAGIC OUTSIDE OF A MOVIE!!!!

But what if there is? Aren’t all things imagined, based off of some type of possible reality? When the script was written for the loser to win, was that not a reflection of some form of reality? Of course, because we all know the stories of real people that have overcome unbelievable odds and won.

But now we can’t blame movie magic. So, where do we point the finger to explain another’s success when reality should have inhibited that from happening?

I got it.

That person is nothing like me. They haven’t been through what I’ve gone through. They got lucky.

We will do everything we can to keep ourselves defeated.


We don’t, at the core of our hearts, believe we deserve or are worth happiness. We have never accepted, received and believed that wonderful things can happen to us. Or, that they’ve already happened to us.

We side with the underdog at first because he’s just like us. A loser. But when he wins… well… that’s nothing like me. I don’t win.

Life and death fall from your lips every single day by the things formed by your tongue and the terrible or wonderful things that you say.

Begin to believe that you are a happy person. A person fulfilled. A person whole. A person that deserves the good things that have already happened and the good things that are coming.

Your life is beautiful and meaningful. You are a marvel to behold. A bright shining light in an otherwise dimly lit world. Without you, there is far less light. Far less. You’re needed. You’re treasured. You’re special. You’re beyond loved. You are an emanation of love.


Speak this every morning and every night out loud in front of a mirror with a smile:

I am beautiful. I am loved. I love.

Love conquers all.

I deserve a full life. I live a full life.


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