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Waiting For My Wings

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash
Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

I’ve heard it said before that if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough. I’ve also heard it said that the hearts of men are not stirred by small movements. It takes great big, monstrous scary, crazy, out of this world leaps of unfathomable faith to sometimes fully live your dream out.

I usually like to write in a way that’s attainable to everyone but this post really isn’t for the pussyfoots. The people that believe they want to have a nice quiet life where they get along with everyone and don’t piss anyone off. They stay in their lane. They do what mama told them to do. They watch every move they make. As long as they got a degree and a job… they’re good. White-picket-fence-mentality people… This is not for you. I love you, but this post is for my people that have crazy faith. My people that have balls.

You constantly have to fix in your mind what you’ll be able to say about yourself ten years from now. The ten-years-from-now-you should look back and think, “Damn… this fool was crazy!” That’s really how you’re not going to have regrets… What is worse than thinking… What if?… Ugh… I hate that phrase… “What if I did this” or “what if I did that” needs not be part of ten-years-from-now-you’s vocabulary. There is no better way to close your eyes at the end of your life with the greatest emptiest thought of all… What if… then to not take a deep breath and jump.

Worry about the wings growing on the way down… In fact, don’t worry. Just wait… Isn’t that profound? Don’t worry for the wings to grow, wait for the wings to grow. Anticipating ascendance as opposed to fearing falling.

Here’s another thing… You may not want to jump because you might get hurt… You are going to get kicked in the face by Life whether you’re living a life you hate or a life you love. I’d rather get kicked in the pants and walk it off by walking over to my Tesla instead of my Toyota.

Here’s to our dreams! Here’s to our leaps!


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