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Walking In Purpose/Walking On Purpose

Photo by Ray Fragapane on Unsplash

It’s been three months since I decided to leave my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to pursue my dreams of living in Southern California. The journey has been just that, a journey. Not just a journey of driving across the country and seeing beautiful rolling mountains and rainbows in New Mexico or trailing a thin road called Highway 1 sitting high within the cliffs above the Pacific. But this has also been a spiritual journey.

Spiritual in the sense of being pushed to the absolute limit of what I can take emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you decide to pursue something worth while that is in line with the purpose you know to be within you and the assignment you’ve been given to complete with your time, you will be faced with incredible challenge.

It’s pretty damn cool actually to see just how much madness we can really take. A test that arrives every day, every hour seeking to stretch your faith. Just when you think you have given it all, you’re gonna be asked to give more. Much more! You will believe you have come to the end of all you can give, and just then, Life will step in and say “I need more. In fact, I need a lot more.” What’s amazing is, we have that “a lot more” within us.

We just don’t see it so easily in our natural minds or with our natural eyes. When we allow ourselves to live within faith, we have new eyes. We have, in fact, a supernatural way of seeing things. That’s why when you pursue something that requires this new sight, this new vision, there will be many people that do not see it. Let that be ok. Especially because these are going to be the people that you love and love you most.

Only you will have this supernatural vision for your purpose because it’s YOUR faith that activates it. So if I sound a little to heady right now and you’re not quite catching what I’m saying, that’s ok. All I’m saying is this: You know what you have to do to live a purposeful and meaning-filled life. You have some certain something in your mind and in your heart that you know you have to do. You just don’t know how to do it (that’s the natural sight).

When you allow yourself to make some real moves toward that thing by talking to people who have done something similar, by studying more what it is that you want/need, by allowing the “there’s no way I can do THAT, that’s crazy” thought to become “this is insane, I’m going to do it anyway” then you start to have a newer vision and that impossible thing starts to fall into the realm of “just maybe this thing is actually going to work“. That’s when you will begin to develop a new sight for things that not many other people will see (that’s that supernatural vision).

Faith is simply this: believing that you will achieve the thing you so desire no matter how much of a stretch it is from reality. Remember, that’s the reality of the natural. Faith brings you to the reality of what we believe to never be until we finally see that it can be.


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