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We Are Not The Weak And Worthless Flickering Flames Bound To Be Blown Out By The Pains Of Our Past

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash
Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

Watch this video. The end is powerful.

We spend so much time running from our darkness and our demons, fearing them, giving them more power than they actually possess. We allow the thought that if we encounter them, our lives are over. The moment I accept darkness is just as much a part of this as the brightness, the quicker I can start this journey of peace. This journey of power. We are not the weak and worthless flickering flames bound to be blown out by the pains of our past.

The darkness reminds us of how bad it was and only how bad it can become. That is what we fear hearing. But the moment I sit down with darkness and have a coffee with him, staring through him and speaking Truth, I’ve stripped him of all power that I’ve given him while I ran from him.

Truth is easy because it’s innate. And that’s exactly how I face every demon I meet.

If we’re always running from shadows, what kind of life will that be? One filled with fear, uncertainty, and great sadness. The sadness is so great because we disallow ourselves to bravely venture forward into new experiences while old shadows loom. I will dance with the shadows of my past and courageously march forward to meet the new ones of my future. There is no fear.

Tension happens in resistance. Martial arts teaches that when you’re pushed, you pull and when you’re pulled, you push. It is not just going with the flow, it’s utilizing the power of the flow of things. Dan Millman teaches that the more I allow my mind to resist what is, the more stress I’ll experience.

We don’t just accept the presence of Darkness and dance only with our demons, we also experience the presence of Light. In our great dance of destiny that is only accomplished with Darkness as our partner, the truest Light of Light is what will emanate through us. There is no fear.


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