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We Really Are Better Together... All of Us

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

As a depression-battler, there’s a simple truth that I’ve learned. When you don’t feel like being around anyone, that’s when you should get around everyone. One of the lies of depression is that you’ll feel better if you’re alone. You don’t wanna go to that dinner… You don’t wanna go on that date (even if it’s with your spouse)… You don’t wanna get out of bed… You don’t wanna go to that conference seven hours and four-hundred dollars away…

The last week I was experiencing one of those mild depression storms that blows through every so often. You really just have to grab the umbrella, put on the rain boots and trudge through the muddy waters to higher grounds. If you stand still, the rain falls until you eventually drown. (Higher grounds are usually defined as getting around good people. The interaction of two good hearts will lift one another…. No I’m not saying find people to make YOU feel better. The interesting thing that happens is you will usually find yourself uplifting someone else which in turn lifts you. It makes sense, you had to somehow find a higher place within yourself to lift them to a new level so obviously you’ve found that needed higher ground. And this is also not to say that you don’t just go out to only help someone else. Let someone else give you the help you need as well. You’re not always the hero. Sometimes you need one. Pride and disallowing someone to breathe their light into you will just carry the rain to a new destination.)

As it goes, I was walking through some rain and honestly did not feel, for various reasons mainly because of that ghost, Depression, like attending the leadership conference I’ve been so excited about. On the first night here I ran into someone in the company that has made a huge impact and has done incredible things with his business… He shared with me that he was feeling the exact same thing… This is someone that is much more successful than me and has been in this business for a long time. Someone that is respected by a lot of people. And he, was feeling the same thing as me. Another bright-shining example of one of the many lies of that old ghost, Depression… “You’re alone…. No one else feels like this…”

A simple solution to fight that old ghost is to simply get around people you care about and people you respect. You’ll find that these particular superstars feel the same things you feel. You’ll find that you’re not abandoned by Life and you can continue living beautiful days even in the rain.


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