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Are you willing to cut loose some of the things in your life that are poisoning you? I was just sitting here, at Barnes and Noble, reflecting on the elevated level of health that I feel simply because I have made some decisions to severe ties that severely needed severed.

You know, deep within, when you’re in a situation that is ripping your soul in half. It may be a situation that doesn’t clearly or very openly show you it’s toxicity. It’s more of a slow burn situation. A chronic soul rip. One that happens through daily interaction with this circumstance. Or it may be something that very blatantly rips you apart. Daily explosions that bring out the worst in who you are.

I’ve had both experiences.

Recognizing that there are some things in your life that are absorbing your entire store of energy is a big step. A big step, but often a difficult one… “People would kill for this opportunity. This job was a godsend when I got it. How can I be at this place of feeling displaced? I have to re-evaluate my thoughts. Maybe I’m just depressed. This is such a great opportunity...” It’s a great opportunity for the person that it is meant to be an opportunity for.

Even though things have come into our lives at certain points that we fully knew were from God, or the Universe, or Life, or wherever you believe them to come from, does not mean we are meant to stay there forever. When you begin to recognize the thing that you have that came at such a divine moment isn’t for you anymore can really be unnerving. But you have to accept that things change.

You are meant to keep growing. Keep expanding. Keep elevating yourself. Keep with your heart and listen when it has changed it’s song.

You recognize that the opportunity is great, but it may not be great for you. At a time it was, but not anymore. You’re standing in the way of someone else’s fulfillment and keeping yourself from your own! … “Maybe it’s my trust issues. That’s why we fight EVERY SINGLE DAY. Maybe it really was my fault she cheated. What did I do to contribute to her disloyalty? We have what people search their whole lives for. Nothing is perfect. Everyone argues. Maybe not every day, but we’re just going through a hard time. I really love her. She really loves me. But why do I wake up at 5 a.m. just to have time to myself away from her? Why is the most peaceful part of my day when I’m not with her? I’ve never been good at relationships. It’s me.“…

Most of us are absolute professionals at talking ourselves into staying in a shitty situation that is everything and anything but good for us. “How can I walk away from this incredible position? How can I walk away from this person I’ve invested so much into?“… There’s an answer so simple you might miss it. Here it is: walk away.

Is it not so foolish to remain miserable because of the fear of change rather than to see what that change might bring? You wake up every single day and voluntarily walk yourself to slaughter. Why? Because you know it. There is a reason everyone knows the saying, “better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” The reason is because the majority of people accept things as they are and never expect anything greater.

There are far fewer people in the world that expect good things to happen to them. And there are even fewer people that expect for GREAT things to happen to them. Don’t accept the misery you think you deserve. Stop being a martyr for nothing. The changes that you can make are so tiny they almost seem insignificant. But they hold the highest of significance if you would just do them.

Block the number. Quit the job. Life, real life, actual life, is waiting for you to make that move.


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