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You Don't Want Continual Takeoffs

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash
Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Finding something that gives our lives color, isn’t hard to find. It’s something that’s just naturally inside of us. For me it’s writing. People get way too caught up on searching for their life’s purpose like it’s some mystical journey filled with esoteric signs that may or may not lead you to journey’s end. An end of sunshine and bliss. Or an end of never knowing your true purpose.

Here’s the thing, you already know what you want to do. You already know what you’re good at and gifted with. You’re too lazy to pursue it and do the work that’s necessary to see this thing through.

Simple stuff, huh? You’re just not committing yourself to this thing you know will bring you joy. A lighter heart and happier daily experience.

There are going to be days that you don’t exactly feel like doing this thing you’re gifted with, even though it’s your gift and is as natural a part of you as breathing. There will still be days that you have to push yourself to do it.

This is a bit of a different conversation than the one’s I’ve been discussing about making yourself do what you know you need to do like going to the gym. That’s the example I use because athleticism is not something I have talents in, but I know that I have to exercise to experience more vitality and just feel better overall. It’s easier for me to write or read or study because those are the things that I’m gifted in. What I’m saying here is that there are still days that come that I don’t want to do those particular things either. Even though I greatly enjoy them.

I hate the gym. I love writing. But I have to push myself equally to do both sometimes.

We think that just because it’s our dream and our gift that doing it will be easy. Not the case. It’s something that is extremely difficult and will test us and break us down continually while on our way to it’s attainment… The difference between this thing and something else is that this thing is worth itto us. It’s worth the bullshit we will surely experience while in pursuit of it.

Once the threshold has been crossed of initiating the action you need and want to take, the most important step follows. This step is consistency which is born of discipline.

It takes more energy to stop doing something of value than it does to continue. Also, the most fuel that a rocket uses is upon takeoff. It’s easier to keep going once you’ve gotten going. You do not want continual takeoffs. You’re going to burn every ounce of energy you have to get something going that could have been initiated the first time and kept in the air using far less energy. Once that energy runs out, you may find yourself burnt out on the thing you love because you didn’t maintain consistency through discipline. And ultimately you will let your dream die because you no longer have the energy to pursue it.

You know the thing, or things, that are important to you. They’re important to incorporate into your life because if you don’t, you’re miserable and no one wants to be around you. You don’t even want to be around you. Practice the discipline of working on your gifts daily. Through the consistency that comes alive through this practice, so too will your dream.


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