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You Quit Everything, Mark.

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

I was told that once and it sort of blew me away. I mean, I did write two books, create a tutoring company, played Warped Tour, got a bachelor’s degree in biology from Carlow University… I thought up until that point that I had a pretty good track record on accomplishing things, but apparently in this person’s eyes, I was a quitter.

The statement came after I had been living in Los Angeles for a while and working at USC. A few months prior, I had left my job in Pennsylvania as a college administrator and at the same time I also left a master’s program studying Higher Education Management at the University of Pittsburgh. I left for various reasons but mostly because I was unfulfilled. Even though it was a great opportunity, I realized that it wasn’t a great opportunity for me because I wasn’t in love with the results that were fated to come my way.

Turns out that even if you’re living in a different state across the country, if a good opportunity isn’t in line with your heart than it’s still not such a good opportunity and you’re just as miserable and unfulfilled as you were two-thousand miles East.

You’re in someone else’s way of opportunity and missing out on your own. In other words, I still hated college administration even though I was living in California.

I changed the parameters but the work itself bored me to the absolute core of my being. I was hugely unmotivated and unfulfilled. So, I quit. This is about the time I was told that I quit everything.

Now I have to be honest, sometimes what people say will stick even though I pay far more attention to my heart and I will always hold my heart’s direction above anything else. Also, I always look for guidance outside of myself but I always know that it’s up to me on the moves I’m ultimately going to make. Take stock of good advice from good people but know that the ultimate decision is your own.

So, that statement stuck around with me for a while until I read this quote, “Making a decision to live congruently with your values is not quitting, nor is foolish consistency a virtue.” Tony Robbins knows some stuff. And my response to that statement about me quitting everything… I challenge you to live a life that tears you away from the comforts of your fabricated security. #FoolishConsistancyIsNotAVirtue

If you wake up every day saying, “I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS!” But you keep pushing forward… There will NOT be some huge payoff for volunteering yourself to a martyrdom that was never meant for you. No matter your endeavor, whether it’s in line with your heart or not, there will be pain through the process of attaining it. But, endure pain that will be worth the end result… The pain will feel less like pain if you’re working on what really moves you.


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