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You've Gotta Get Your Song Back

Photo by Vince Veras on Unsplash
Photo by Vince Veras on Unsplash

The best thing about the worst thing you go through is growth. The worst thing about the worst thing you go through is not growing. The best thing about all of it is you decide which one you want. And just so you know, there are more than one, “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever gone through,” experiences.

I don’t like to write in a way that makes me sound as if I have the answers to all that ails. When I write, the ideas are really just revelations that have hit me in regard to various aspects of joy and affliction. Where do those revelations come from? Really, I have no idea. I just know, I have to use them! When I’m writing and say something to the affect of, “You’ve gotta get your dream back,” I’m not saying it to only the reader because I have the answers for you. I’m saying it to you, the reader, and myself. Writing is kind of like talking to yourself and everyone can read it.

So, this is a clear illustration of how important the things are that you say to yourself. A good and hugely successful friend of mine, Stephen, reminded me that too many of us spend too much time listening to ourselves as opposed to talking to ourselves. I’ve said this before and I’ll let it serve as a reminder, but left to its own devices and without our active influence, our minds will naturally tell us negative things about ourselves. When I hear something like, “I suck,” I just counter it with, “No. I’m awesome.”

When you begin to quiet down some of that incessant negative chatter in your mind, you start to find all of these beautiful things that have been surrounding you the whole time that you were hating everything. You start to hear music in a different way, see movies in a new way, feel the breath that gives you life, and one of the best things that happens is you wake up the creativity within yourself. Creativity cannot thrive in a mind of negative. What gives creativity its breath is our thinking.

Why is creativity so important? That’s a stupid question. People say all the time that there are no stupid questions. Wrong. That’s a stupid question. Without creativity, nothing would exist.

Creativity is more than writing a song, a blog, or a poem. It’s creating a family. It’s creating a life of joy. It’s creating life. It’s creating beautiful friendships, memories, and love. Creativity is seeing all things in a new way. Creativity is everything.


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