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Your Beautiful Endless Heart

Photo by Harald Arlander on Unsplash
Photo by Harald Arlander on Unsplash

Really, the only constant in life is change. Things that I thought I knew yesterday are not the same things that I know today. Especially those things regarding my heart.

I’ve noticed that the things in my heart grow and change over time. They are anything but constant. Certain things may remain the same for several years but inevitably those things will change, alter, grow, or even renew.

Thinking about life in this way can be pretty exciting because then I realize I’m likely never going to get bored or burned out. My heart is almost always reaching for something new and, at the time, unknown. Once I’ve accomplished a certain task linked with my heart’s direction, there seems to open up a new one or a new few.

I’ve written books and finished degrees. Started businesses and ended businesses. Composed music and sang on sizable stages. None of these things remained to be terminal paths of my heart’s intended direction. Just ever-growing and ever-changing layers of what seems to be an endless heart. Hearts, however, as we know do eventually end. There are only so many layers to be found before we move onto the “after-this”. Maybe our seeming endless hearts follow us into after-this. I don’t know. I’m not there yet. What I do know is that with every layer peeled away, examined, and understood, there remains another just below it.

What stands to be an incredible human tragedy is that most have yet to examine even the first layer of their beautiful endless hearts. They move on to after-this with a once-weeping and now withered lonely broken heart.

Your heart is screaming for you to sing. Or maybe write. Or maybe travel. But always, always to live.


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