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Your Fifth

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

There’s a little sound that’s inside your heart. It’s more quiet than a whisper. You can’t make out the words but you can somehow feel what it intends you to feel.

Our mission is to focus in on that inaudible whisper so much so that one day it is as booming as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It’s your Fifth Symphony. It is your life’s greatest work that begins as this muffled echo of a desire. The more time you spend with it, the more this Siren song becomes clear. Spending time with your whisper of a whisper looks a lot like spending time with yourself. Reading new books and seeing new places. Meeting different people and knowing new faces.

This feeling is foreign to you as you’ve never been this person before but trust it, it’s slowly molding you into something brand new. From deep within your spirit is where the essence of this whisper began. It was formed by hands that made the lands and the sea and you can never know peace until you’ve listened to this scream. A whisper so soft that it shakes the foundations of a mountain. Yes a whisper in the beginning but as you gaze closely, surely it’s a scream.


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